:: Association Background ::


The Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association of Malaysia (MEMA) was formed under the name Heavy Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers Association of Malaysia (HEMMAM) on 22nd June 1998 as a result of the Malaysian government desire to further promote and enhance the development of the Machinery and Equipment (M& E) industries in the Second Industrial Malaysia Plan (IMP2).

The name of the Association was later amended to Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association of Malaysia (MEMA) on 5th December 2003 to facilitate small and medium industries in similar sector to join MEMA membership. To date MEMA memberships comprises companies from various states of Malaysia.

:: Objectives ::

1. To promote cooperation among manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment in Malaysia.
2. To promote development of machineries and equipment manufacturers through information dissemination, research and development and upgrade the level of technology of members.
3. To serve as channel of communication between the Government and Members.
4. To protect and promote commercial interest of its members.
5. To promote the interest of the manufacturers in the ASEAN Region through the ASEAN Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).
6. To promote industrial linkages programme in cooperation with small and medium scale industries.
7. To promote skills and awareness programme in the education system.
8. To promote the interest and product of members to the international market.

:: MEMA Members Manufacturing And Services Activities ::

A. Machinery and Equipment Industries

1. Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Tower Cranes, Offshore, Pedestal cranes, Multipurpose wharf and crawler, Quayside container hoist, Gondola systems.
2. Pressure Vessels, Chillers, Boilers and Energy Systems.
3. Agricultural equipment and Transportation Vehicles for agricultural produce.
4. Processing Machinery for rubber, oil palm, cocoa, tea.
5. Material handling equipments and systems.
6. Reconditioning of heavy vehicles.
7. Automated industrial equipment and components.
8. Industrial and Commercial Air-conditioning equipment manufacturers.
9. Elevators and escalators.
10. Air Pollution Control Equipment & Systems, Industrial Ventilation, Fans & Blowers, Powder Processing & Handling, Heat Exchanger & Energy Recovery, Steel & Aluminium Grating, Steel Mill Plant & Machinery, Industrial Vibrators, Pneumatic Conveying , Rubber Moulded & Rubber to Metal Bonded Products.
11. Integrated Designer and Manufacturer of Industrial Automation System and Machineries such as automated Test Handling System, Automated Laser Marking and Inspection System, Automated Assembly System, Clean Room Class 1 Transport System and Tie-Lie Automation.
12. Semiconductor Back-end manufacturing equipment, MES & IT software, total manufacturing/factory automation solution (MAS/MHE), vision inspection solution, test, and instrumentation, RFID, high precision component manufacturing, equipment contract manufacturing.
B. Construction, Erection and Fabrication of Plant and Equipment
1. Vibratory road rollers, Excavator, Buckets, Bulldozer blades.
2. Quarry and mining equipment; machinery equipment for palm oil & cement plant and Concrete batching plant.
3. Steel lattice structures for Power transmission tower, Microwave transmissions tower and substation.
4. Structural Steel for Power Generation, Petrochemical Plant, Oil & Gas
Building and civil engineering works.
5. Steel Fabrication and Erection works and work related to Oil and Gas Industry.
6. Dredges Builders, Factory, Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Pipes Ducting, Equipment Casing.
7. Manufacturers and installation of plant and heavy equipment for hydro power, cement and petrochemical plant.
8. Storage tanks, Steel and fiberglass water tank conveyors, furnace, duct cyclone.
9. Electro mechanical equipment for hydro projects and process equipment for oil and gas petrochemical and power.
C. Parts, Components and Services Related Industries in the Machinery and Equipment Industries.
1. Heat Treatment and Hard Chrome Plating Services.
2. Engineering for Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.
3. Heat recovery steam generators.
4. Ferrous and non ferrous castings.
5. Precision machining parts, aircraft parts, jigs and fixtures, factory automation system.
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